Daily Buzz: Lessons From Journalism on Membership

Journalism is emphasizing reader experience as a key to boosting revenue. Here’s what associations can learn. Also: creative ways to thank meeting attendees.

As journalism’s business model continues to shift to digital content channels, including social platforms, it increasingly emphasizes subscriptions to drive revenue—similar to how associations rely on members.

“The experience and expertise of readers—or in the case of associations, members—is rightfully seen as extremely important to journalists, but how many associations feel the same way?” says Maggie McGary on the Mizz Information blog.

McGary says associations can learn a thing or two from what’s happening in journalism about how to better value members, which in turn increases engagement and boosts revenue. Here are some of her key takeaways:

Community matters. “If you see community as just another push channel, or a way to collect data so you can better target content … that’s not engagement,” she says. Instead, cultivate a community that puts value on members’ involvement and interaction.

Ask and listen. If you want to find out what members want, talk to them. “Don’t just dismiss complainers as headaches,” McGary says. “If they’re complaining, they care.”

Value their feedback. “Maybe it’s time associations took a page from journalists’ books and started revaluing member feedback like it’s the thing that holds the key to associations’ future success,” she says. “Because it kind of is, isn’t it?”

Give Thanks to Attendees

WIthout attendees, your events would, of course, fall flat. So, ahead of Thanksgiving, think about how you can show your gratitude, beyond a quick “thank you” as they leave your conference. The Expo Logic blog suggests giveaways, offering bonus experiences, or providing VIP treatment through meet-and-greets or special access to elements of your meeting. “However you say it, make sure you say it in a way in which they are most likely to receive the message and remember it,” says Kate Dodd in the post.

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