Daily Buzz: Pizza at the Polls

This nonprofit sends fresh pizzas to the polls for voters facing long lines. Also: developing a meeting planning process.

Picture this: It’s Election Day, and you’re on your way to your local polling place to partake in your civic duty. When you get there, you’re met with a line that winds outside and around the corner—a cue that it could be hours before you’re able to vote.

But one nonprofit did its part to keep spirits high and bellies full while voters waited: Pizza to the Polls. The nonpartisan group sends pizzas to polling places where long lines have formed. People can alert the organization of long lines via its website or social media, and the group will then order fresh, hot pizzas to be delivered.

Pizza to the Polls launched leading up to the 2016 presidential election, and in its inaugural year, raised $43,307 and supplied 2,368 pizzas—about 25,000 slices—to 128 polling places across 24 states, according to Eater. To date, the organization says it has raised more than $164,000, including $114,000 plus in 2018 alone, ensuring that this year’s voters leave the booth having fulfilled both their civic duty and their appetite.

Developing a Robust Planning Process

What’s your association’s meeting planning process? If you don’t have one, juggling deadlines, vendors, sponsors, and more can be a complicated undertaking.

To get started on your planning process, the Eventbrite blog suggests breaking down tasks into four areas: planning, promotion, at-event, and post-event. “Each aspect of this event checklist needs careful planning and consideration to ensure you meet all of your event goals,” says the Eventbrite team. “When you plan an event proposal to cover all four aspects, this will help communicate to external stakeholders that you have the entire event cycle under control.”

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