Daily Buzz: Revamp Your Processes

Upgrading your association's processes can seem like an inconvenience, but even small changes can better your organization. Also: engaging with attendees on social media.

No organization is perfect, but continually updating processes that push your association forward can get you closer. That said, instituting organizationwide changes can seem like more of a hassle than anything positive.

“Revamping takes energy,” says Mary Byers in a post on Association Success. “All of us are on deadline, and as soon as we finish one project, we have to dive headlong into another one. It’s easier to just pull out last year’s agenda, process, or format with a slightly altered look, instead of revamping.”

To make upgrading less time-consuming, Byers suggests starting small and focusing on how to better the member experience. You can also look to other organizations to see what has and hasn’t worked: Is there any inspiration you can draw from them, or would any of their processes benefit your association?

“It helps to think about things as a work in progress, always,” Byers says. “Revamping is an ongoing project that will never be truly finished, so enjoy the process.”

Create Deeper Meeting Engagement on Social Media


Attendee engagement is the key ingredient that makes many meetings work—but organizers have to reciprocate. “Event coverage is more than just sharing content, moments, and logistical information,” says Liz Alton on Twitter’s Business blog. “Focusing on interactivity, building connections, and adding a splash of fun helps deepen audience engagement during events.”

Social media, of course, is a great way for brands and organizations to interact with both in-person and virtual guests. To garner the type of deeper engagement Alton is talking about, she recommends using platforms like Twitter to highlight people or moments from your conference, crowdsource meeting ideas from attendees, and invite guests to share their experiences.

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