Daily Buzz: Involve Members in Content Creation

Your members have a unique view into the industry they represent. When it comes to generating content, add their perspectives into the mix. Also: What if pizza places were funded like nonprofits?

As an association, it’s your job to have the pulse on industry happenings and relevant news. Though it can be challenging to monitor what’s going on at every level, lucky for you, there’s already one resource in your arsenal who can provide such information: your members.

Sure, you won’t see most traditional news outlets turn to their readership for help in cultivating the content they pay for, but De Correspondent, a Dutch, membership-based news site does. Journalists at the site regularly lean on all 60,000 members to ask for potential sources, information, and inspiration for new stories—a process that works so well that it’s now expanding to the U.S. market as The Correspondent.

At the MelEdits blog, Melanie Padgett Powers writes that associations should develop a similar system when it comes to generating content.

“Membership associations should put out a content creation call for sources in your regular e-newsletter,” she says. “Plan ahead and regularly ask for contributions on specific topics in your print magazine. Continually monitor social media and your online communities to see what members are talking about—but also who is doing the talking.”

The benefits of this process are twofold: Not only will you be able to see what your members are talking about—and therefore what kind of content is relevant—but you can also add new, fresh voices into the mix for an all-encompassing look at the state of your industry.

If a Pizzeria Were a Nonprofit

You wouldn’t go into a pizza place expecting to eat a falafel sandwich, would you? Probably not.

In the New York Human Services Council’s new video, “Everyone Deserves a Fair Slice,” the organization takes a look at what a pizzeria might look like if it were funded like a nonprofit. And while the exchange is comical—falafel in a pizza place, really!?—it also addresses the absurd, unrealistic challenges that nonprofits face in pursuit of dough, so to speak.

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