Membership Hack: Holiday Stress Relief

The holidays are not always bright and cheery. For some, they’re filled with stress and anxiety. The National Funeral Directors Association helps members address these feelings with free online resources and phone counseling.

How to hack it? The holidays can be a stressful time of year, whether it’s in your personal or professional life. To help members cope with holiday-related pressures, the National Funeral Directors Association adds seasonal resources to its Work/Life Resource Program for members.

The year-round program includes access to a free hotline staffed by licensed counselors “who can suggest resources and offer support to help make life outside of the funeral home a little easier for our members,” says NFDA Public Relations Manager Jessica Koth. “Whether they want to be proactive and plan for the future, prevent minor issues from becoming big problems, or are having a family emergency, free, confidential assistance is available.”

The holiday resources include advice on issues like managing family expectations and dealing with difficult relatives, along with help for people with eating disorders in a season that features so many events focused on food.

Why does it work? Holiday stress is compounded by the fact that NFDA members face the possibility of working through the holidays to support families who have lost loved ones. The Work/Life Resource Program “can help members and their families balance family obligations and the unique lifestyle that a career in the funeral service profession requires,” Koth says.

What’s the bonus? This member benefit extends to immediate family members for free and includes unlimited phone and online consultations, three in-person counseling sessions per year, and online referrals to personal care, finance, education, and home convenience services.

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By Tim Ebner

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