Daily Buzz: The Do’s and Don’ts of AR in Event Tech

Leveraging augmented reality at meetings only works when planners understand the tech—but that doesn’t mean they have to be experts. Also: Who wins in the battle between an AMS and CRM?

When it comes to augmented reality, conferences are going all in on the tech. But successfully implementing AR means thoroughly understanding of the intricacies of the technology, a job that often requires too much time from a planner’s already busy schedule.

So, when it comes to getting started, Event Marketer suggests these do’s and don’ts:

Do work with a technology partner. “Brands have expertise in plenty of spheres—their key markets, their products, their customer bases—but developing ways to use cutting-edge technology isn’t usually one of them,” Kait Shea says in the post. “That’s what makes working with a technology partner so valuable.”

Don’t use AR just to say you did. “Creating an AR experience just for the sake of being on-trend, like most technology, won’t get you far,” she says. “Consumers can see right through gimmicks these days, and if there’s no real strategy behind your use of the tech, it’s not going to resonate.”

Do start simple. “Learning how to successfully engage customers or partners using AR won’t happen overnight,” Shea says. “To that end, starting simple is the best way to both ease into the technology and retain participants’ attention.”

AMS vs. CRM Showdown

Association technology is usually installed with two goals in mind: to attract new members and to further engage and retain current ones. The question is—what kind of technology meets these goals best, association management software or a customer relationship management system?

“Smart associations use a mix of both platforms,” says Sami Scarpitti on the HighRoad Solution blog. “An AMS and CRM can help you meet your goals in very different ways. Put the two systems together, and you have a tech platform that will really boost your member engagement and new members.”

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