Daily Buzz: Know Your Guests’ Learning Styles

How to build event programming that satisfies all brains and all learning styles. Also: The creator of WordPress launches a productivity suite.

Everyone learns differently. Some of us want to sit and absorb the wisdom of a keynote speaker. Others might prefer an interactive breakout session or a seminar with PowerPoint and audiovisual tools.

That’s why it’s crucial that event planners consider the different learning styles—visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic—and schedule conference programming accordingly, the MemberClicks blog notes.

When recruiting presenters, MemberClicks suggests that recruiters briefly explain the learning styles to potential speakers and ask how they might accommodate each category. Use those findings to craft a balanced lineup so attendees receive the greatest intellectual returns.

Market the sessions’ learning styles in event literature to guide your guests toward offerings that best match their needs.

WordPress, But for Workforce Management

The content management giant behind the popular blogging tool WordPress is no stranger to the notion of distance. Despite having more than 850 employees across 68 countries, WordPress’ parent company, Automattic, has no central office.

It explains why Automattic this month announced the rollout of Happy Tools, a suite of workforce-management products aimed at connecting employees on different schedules and in different locations.

First on deck: Happy Schedule, collaborative software that’s designed to help office teams streamline staffing hours across time zones—and outside the typical 9-to-5 window.

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