Daily Buzz: Communicate Value Regularly

Don’t just tell potential members that your association is valuable—show them. Also: Try a “hallway huddle” in place of your next meeting.

Attracting new members starts with showing off the value of your association—but that doesn’t necessarily mean a flashy presentation or persuasion campaign. Colleen Bottorff writes on the MemberClicks blog that instead of working hard to convince potential members of your value in occasional recruitment campaigns, you should show it to them continuously through your regular communications.

First things first: To show your value, you have to know your value. Talk to your staff and members to identify what your association does best. Then, include that insight in social media, on your website, in newsletters—however your organization interacts with potential members.

Another idea: “Consider giving prospects a taste of membership by letting them experience some key benefits for themselves,” Bottorff says. “You could host a ‘member for a day’ type event or even grant the privilege on an individual basis to prospects who just need an extra nudge. Get as creative as you’d like with how you do it, but definitely make sure the experience involves the benefits you know are loved by members.”

Try the “Hallway Huddle”

No time for long meetings? Try a “hallway huddle”—a short, to-the-point, 10- to 15-minute standing meeting. “The goal is to conduct a laser-focused discussion of up to three topics with no distractions or interruptions,” says Dana Brownlee on Forbes.

Hallway huddles are ideal for smaller teams that need to stay in contact frequently or for addressing issues that require immediate attention and decisions. With little time to babble, these short gatherings ensure that teams stay on track with the agenda, collaborate, and come to a decision quickly.

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