Daily Buzz: Prepare Members for a New Tech Rollout

Switching technology solutions? Don’t catch members off-guard with the transition. Also: the risks of using spreadsheets to organize event data.

Adjusting to new tech or software can be difficult enough for your team, but communicating those changes and onboarding members is another task entirely.

To ensure that you’re not abruptly disrupting members’ access to resources, be upfront about the technology switch and why the transition is happening.

“You didn’t decide to just get new technology just to get new technology,” says Callie Walker on the MemberClicks blog. “You likely got it because it’ll help you out and improve the member experience. So let your members know that … And don’t forget to show enthusiasm! Enthusiasm is contagious, and if you’re excited, your members will feel that and, hopefully, get excited too!”

Come the day of tech rollout, make sure to give members a point of contact should any kinks come out in the transition process.

“It’s also not a bad idea to encourage your members to provide feedback as well, whether that’s through the point of contact or an online form,” Walker says. “By asking for their feedback, that shows you genuinely care about their experience, and that this software change or technology adoption wasn’t just for you and your staff—it was for them, too!”

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

If your association is part of the one in three that still relies on spreadsheets to organize event data, it’s time to modernize your data collection strategy. In fact, spreadsheets open up your association to a lot more harm than good, according to Eventsforce.

For one, not everyone knows how to use spreadsheets, which increases the chance of human error. There’s also an issue of version control, not to mention the required manual data transfers, lack of insight and slower decision-making process that ensues.

Still using a spreadsheet after reading that? Didn’t think so.

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