Daily Buzz: Host a “Member for a Day” Event

Let prospects experience your association’s member journey, benefits included. Also: how one nonprofit is using yoga to alleviate stress for students.

Seeing a list of membership benefits is one thing, but experiencing that value firsthand can be the nudge prospects need to join your community.

That’s why Colleen Bottorff from the MemberClicks blog suggests “Member for a Day” events.

“Now you don’t want to give away all the secrets, so-to-speak—but a small taste of membership could be all someone needs to decide that they want to be a part of it, too,” she says.

At your Member for a Day event, give prospects the chance to chat with current ones. “One-on-one time with an active member will give the prospective member the opportunity to have a candid conversation about what membership is really like,” Bottorff says.

Or, consider extending an invitation to your association’s annual meeting, where they can see your networking value in action.

Are there other benefits you think potential members should explore? Let prospects try those out, too.

“Make a list of the benefits that would be pretty easy for you to manage, yet impactful for them to get to experience (an enhanced online directory listing for a certain period, complimentary tickets to an event, limited-time access to your learning management or content delivery platform, etc.),” Bottoroff says. “And let them give it a shot!

How One Nonprofit Is Turning Students Into Yogis

Namaste, friends. Yogi or not, you’ve probably heard of the mental and physical benefits of yoga. Now, one nonprofit is using those perks to lessen anxiety in students.

Yoga Foster, started by Nicole Cardoza in 2014, trains teachers on basic yoga principles and how to apply them in situations where students might be stressed or upset.

“Yoga is a way to help people feel at home in their body, which is something schools and students desperately need,” Cardoza said in an interview with Fast Company. “It helps teach kids to pause and choose how they respond in scenarios and cultivate this sense of inner calm.”

According to Cardoza, the 2,500 educators who participate in the program report lower levels of anxiety among students and greater engagement in the classroom.

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