Membership Hack: Consumer-Oriented Blog

The American Cleaning Institute created a consumer-focused blog for its members’ customers. The content includes practical cleaning tips as well as safety information.

How to hack it? Many associations better serve members by serving their members’ customers too, and it’s a strategy adopted by the American Cleaning Institute. In 2017, ACI created a consumer-facing blog with content that offers practical tips and safety information about household cleaning products.

Why does it work? ACI members play an active role in the content creation and development process. “The blog posts are based on research and expert opinion, as well as input from a member company workgroup,” said Brian Sansoni, senior vice president of communication, outreach, and membership. “The information we share is designed to help people to clean easier, smarter, and more effectively.”

What’s the bonus? In addition to serving members’ customers, the blog is promoted to educators and online influencers who help disseminate the content to audiences beyond ACI’s reach. “The blog keeps growing to include new content, viewers, and subscribers,” Sansoni said.

A screenshot of the American Cleaning Institute’s Clean & Happy Nest blog.

Tim Ebner

By Tim Ebner

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