Daily Buzz: What Is the Ideal Format for Your Learning Program?

For an effective education program, your organization has to find the delivery method members are looking for. Also: making gig workers out of your team.

So, you’ve identified a learning program opportunity. The question is, what is the most effective way to deliver this content?

A lot of factors play into the answer, says the WBT Systems team on its blog.

For starters, if your organization already has a credentialing program, does the topic fit its requirements? Then there’s the matter of budget. What can your team afford to design and deliver effectively?

“If you foresee a program having a long shelf life without the need for regular updates, you can afford to invest in instructional design for a course,” the team writes. “If the program is on a regularly changing topic, consider formats that are less expensive to design, such as webinars or standalone modules.”

Because the program is for members, it’s also important to understand what they will be most receptive to.

“If your target audience aren’t natural students with a high motivation for learning, you may want to break up courses into a series of smaller programs as part of a learning pathway,” the team says. “Find a way to give learners a faster sense of achievement and progress. Their sense of progress will motivate them to register for the next program.”

Outsourcing Team Talent

Projects function best when teams have the desired skills required—but matching people to projects is no easy task. Where outsourcing to freelancers was once the solution, now some employers are creating internal platforms to find “gig workers” among current employees.

“Technologically savvy organizations are utilizing their own engineers to build custom platforms for this purpose,” which could mean using machine learning algorithms to match employees with assignments, said Laurie Bienstock, global leader of talent management at Willis Towers Watson, in an interview with HR Dive. “In other cases, organizations may be using enhanced spreadsheets to inventory and track skills and connect supply and demand.”

For workers, an internal platform also offers the opportunity to gain new skills, move around within the organization, and increase productivity.

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By Jeff Hsin


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