Daily Buzz: Where’s the Line in Personalization?

Take care to avoid the “creepiness factor” when implementing personalization tactics. Also: A few awesome facts about coffee, because why not?

Personalization is a great tool to engage members, but dive too far into their personal information, and your association runs the risk of coming off, well, a little creepy.

The trick is to use personalization to make your organization’s communications relevant, says Sigmund VanDamme on Association Success. “When the things you are getting are relevant to you, they are much less annoying than being bombarded with promotional images, emails, or texts that have nothing to do with you,” he says.

That doesn’t mean you should know every bit of inside information about a person—but just enough that you can frame your message in a way that resonates with each member individually.

VanDamme, a membership software evangelist with Community Brands, adds that engagement is often a key reason for using personalization, so it’s important to focus on ways to boost relevance.

“The goal is to make them feel strongly about the organization,” he adds. “That starts with giving them what they want, what is relevant or interesting to them.”

Caffeinate Your Routine

Many people don’t need an excuse to drink a cuppa joe, but if you want to be reassured that coffee’s a good thing to have in your life, a recent blog post from Inc. contributor Bill Murphy Jr. should perk you up.

Murphy highlights a number of recent studies that explain numerous benefits of drinking the brown stuff, including better heart health and improved fat consumption. There’s even some evidence that coffee may have anti-aging properties.

“People have been drinking coffee since at least the 15th century, and it’s been a staple of the workplace for more than a century,” he writes. “But it’s only fairly recently that science has explained some of its incredible health benefits.”

We’ll drink to that.

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