Beer Groups Find Common Ground to Promote All Kinds of Brews

Three organizations representing different segments of the beer industry are working together on a new marketing campaign with a celebratory message: "Beers to That."

The beer industry has several associations focused on different parts of the market—the Beer Institute for large-scale “macro” breweries, the Brewers Association for independent craft brewers, and the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) for distributors. Not surprisingly, they all agree on one thing: A growing beer industry is good.

In pursuit of that goal, the three groups are collaborating on a new marketing campaign called “Beers to That.”

“Beers to That is a movement made to help you recognize all the moments that make life more fun. (Oh, and to celebrate them with a beer),” according to the campaign’s website.

It’s a part of a broader Beer Growth Initiative, which aims to increase beer’s share of the alcohol market. “The Beer Growth Initiative is exciting because for the first time distributors and brewers, as well as competitors, are working together to grow the overall beer category,” NBWA President and CEO Craig Purser said in a news release.

The “Beers to That” campaign, which will initially target the Austin, Texas, market, started earlier this month and will feature events through December 10. With a focus on digital advertising, experiential marketing, point-of-sale information, and outside advertising, the campaign is already leveraging work from local artists. The initiative will be funded by the groups’ members, including brewers, importers, and distributors.

The three associations emphasized different aspects of beer in statements regarding the campaign. Beer Institute President and CEO Jim McGreevy noted that “beer is both refreshing and has a lower alcohol content” than other alcoholic beverages. Purser highlighted its “unique and ubiquitous” quality. And Brewers Association President and CEO Bob Pease cited “the universal appeal and diversity of beer.”

The campaign “rekindles the reasons why beer is the ideal alcohol beverage choice for adults of legal drinking age, no matter the occasion or celebration,” Pease added.

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By Ernie Smith

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