Daily Buzz: How to Ask the Board for New Technology

Making a plea for new tech? This is how you should position your conversation with the board. Also: Nonprofit leaders should pave the way for social good.

Be it member growth, retention, or engagement, your team has a laundry list of goals to achieve. Don’t let outdated technology stand in your way.

But before you switch to a modern technology solution, you’ll need to get approval from the board. Tirrah Switzer from the YourMembership blog offers these tips for navigating that conversation:

1. Get specific on where your association is now versus where you want it to be. “It’s hard to argue with numbers,” she says. “So show your board that your association isn’t reaching its goals.” Diving into the data—no matter how discouraging—will help provide context for why new technology is necessary.

2. Detail organizational challenges. The data shows that you’re behind, but now it’s time to outline why. What is it about outdated software that’s causing delays to achieving your goals? Switzer says this conversation is your chance to grab the board’s attention, so don’t be shy in painting the full picture.

3. Explain the risks that come with not modernizing. Similarly, if your organization doesn’t make a change, what will the future look like? Be blunt with the board about what’s at risk, and, again, get specific. For example, alongside not meeting organizational goals, old technology might frustrate members or position your organization as outdated.

Change Starts With You

Making the world a better place is at the heart of many nonprofits—and that’s where change starts, too, nonprofit experts Joanna St. Angelo and Suzanne Smith say on The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

“Last month’s announcement from the Business Roundtable that chief executives had declared it was time to advance the interests of their employees, the environment, and other social causes—rather than simply putting shareholders first—was a watershed moment for all of us who care about advancing the social good,” they say. “But it should also force all nonprofit leaders to ask whether we are doing enough to ensure our organizations are doing enough.”

St. Angelo and Smith recommend revisiting your organization’s mission and policies, such as employee benefits and eco-friendly initiatives, to ensure that practices align with what your organization preaches, so to speak.

“As the business world talks about doing more, why not ask ourselves: What more can we be doing to lead the way?” they wrote.

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