Membership Hack: Community Service Days

The Hotel Association of North Texas hosts regular community service days that deepen member engagement while giving volunteers a chance to make a positive impact locally.

How to hack it? To provide members a meaningful way to give back to their community, the Hotel Association of North Texas (HANTX) hosts routine days of service. The events are organized by staff and members, and many of the nonprofits that benefit are near and dear to participants’ hearts. Recent days of service have supported Habitat for Humanity, Minnie’s Food Pantry, and The Ronald McDonald House.

Why does it work? Each service day is a chance to do good while also spreading community awareness about the hotel industry. “It connects our members while helping us connect and engage as an industry within our local community in a meaningful and positive way,” says Traci Mayer, executive director of HANTX.

What’s the bonus? Each day of service adds to the volunteering opportunities HANTX offers, which helps members feel more active and engaged, Mayer says. “For our members, it provides a variety of ways for them to feel a part of our efforts, from donating items or volunteering their time.”

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Tim Ebner

By Tim Ebner

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