We Asked, You Answered: What’s on Your Stop-Doing List for 2020?

In response to our recent poll, Associations Now readers shared the bad habits they plan to break after they get back from the holidays.

Think of it as the anti-resolution: Rather than committing to do something new in 2020, you make a promise that, with the turn of the calendar, you’ll finally let something go.

We recently asked Associations Now readers to tell us what they resolve to stop doing in the new  year. Here are a few highlights. What’s your answer?

Gena Matthews

Director of Conference Services, Mental Health Corporations of America

I always second-guess my decisions. It has been a habit for at least 20 years in the business. However, in the last few years, I now “third-guess” my decisions since I am older. Heck, I know what I am doing! Breathe … you got it!

David Basler

Vice President of Membership and Marketing, National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC)

I am going to stop worrying/stressing about things out of my direct control. I have a tendency to focus on being the solution maker for everything that pops up, but I need to remember some things are better left alone so you can focus on the things to which you can truly make a difference.

Cande Fudge

Membership and Licensing Manager, American Land Title Association

I want to stop printing things! I tend to print things that could be saved electronically, like reports. Or print articles to read later—and later never comes. I am an information junkie and simply have too much paper!

Julie Novak

CEO, Michigan State Medical Society

I will stop overassigning myself additional tasks on days that are heavily scheduled. I have meetings batched for efficiency, but I tend to have unrealistic expectations about what can be accomplished in the short gaps between appointments. Adding numerous tasks to my list on those days in the spirit of maximum productivity can lead to a feeling of failure if I can’t accomplish them, and rescheduling those tasks is just another kind of inefficiency. So 2020 is the year of planning for more intentional margin and blocking other time slots for focused work on my own.

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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