Daily Buzz: Develop a Visual Identity to Strengthen Your Brand

Attracting modern audiences means putting visual content first. Also: Cybersecurity is important for associations, too.

Standing out in a sea of content and raising brand awareness can be a challenge for organizations. To catch the eye of potential members or donors, put an emphasis on visuals, says Amy Balliett in Inc.

“Text-based content isn’t enough if you want to engage today’s audiences,” she says. “To truly thrive in a world that puts visual content first, you need to adopt a visual-first mindset.”

That means taking a new approach to your content marketing strategy. “If you write the text or messaging before planning what types of visual content you’ll be deploying, you’re not really putting visuals first. You should start planning every campaign by asking what types of content your audience is most likely to engage with, and on what platforms,” Balliett says.

As you develop your visual content, establish clear brand guidelines to follow. A consistent style across all platforms will give your organization a visual identity and help raise brand awareness. Balliett recommends developing a visual workbench: a collection of predesigned assets that you can reuse.

“Maybe you need a set of icons that represent your fundamental products or services. Or maybe there’s a stat that you share often because it proves the value of what you have to offer,” she says. “There’s no sense in redesigning an asset from scratch every time. Even if you did so, the different look and feel of each could actually prevent you from developing a more recognizable brand.”

Preparing Your Association for Cyberattacks

If you think cybersecurity is only a concern for large organizations, think again. According to CPO Magazine, half of all cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses.

“Having a conversation about cybersecurity is imperative for any organization,” says Association Success’s Chelsea Brasted. “There is no association that doesn’t have something a cybercriminal would be interested in having, or cutting you off from in exchange for a hefty ransom.”

To combat this, Brasted recommends discussing cybersecurity with all employees, not just the IT department. “Regardless of who gets involved in the conversation, those conversations are required in today’s digital, well-connected world,” she says.

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