Daily Buzz: Make an Impact With LinkedIn

Nonprofits can find growth opportunities on the social network focused on professionals and job seekers. Also: Want to improve your reading retention? Eliminate digital distractions.

For nonprofits, LinkedIn can be more than a place to share jobs and business tips. With nearly 660 million members and more than 30 million companies listed, the website is an ideal place to grow your organization, writes Tatiana Morand in the Wild Apricot blog.

“It’s the place to establish your nonprofit as an impactful organization, your executive staff as thought leaders in your industry, and enlist high-quality members, board, volunteers, and staff,” Morand says.

Given its user base of professionals and job seekers, LinkedIn can work as a powerful outreach tool. It is the go-to platform for recruitment, and it offers ways to attract qualified individuals.

“Its robust search function will allow you to search by industry, company affiliation, interests, degrees or certifications, and job titles,” Morand says.

LinkedIn provides resources specifically for the nonprofit industry with LinkedIn for Nonprofits. The program helps organizations develop talent, raise awareness, build their community, and find volunteers.

Remember What You’re Reading

Struggling to remember what you just read? You’re probably doing too much skimming and not enough careful reading, suggests Emily Underwood at Medium’s Forge site.

“If you want to remember more of what you read, do your best to eliminate distractions before turning to your reading material,” Underwood says.

What does going distraction-free look like? According to Maryanne Wolf, author of Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World, it’s getting offline, far away from email and other internet-related distractions.

“If I were to give the reader a tip, it would be to begin their day with hard copy, something that requires slower, deeper reading, and just do 20 minutes of it,” Wolf told Underwood.

Other Links of Note

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