Executive Summary: Will McCauley, DVM, MBA

Will McCauley, DVM, MBA, the director of the Veterinary Biologics Section of the Animal Health Institute, is getting married this year.

On My Desk Right Now

The Economist, drafts of reports, business cards, pictures of my pets

My Three Goals for 2020

1. Marry my fiancée, Ashley.

2. Increase the reach of an alumni association I lead in the DC area.

3. Improve my ability to manage volunteers in various groups I’m a part of.

The Best Advice I Ever Got

There will always be someone out there smarter than you, faster than you, better-spoken than you—and you can’t control that. What you can control is how much effort you will give to outworking that person and proving you are more capable.

My Media Mix

Podcasts: The Adam Carolla Show, EconTalk

Music: Huey Lewis and the News, Jim Croce

TV: Bridezillas, my guilty pleasure

If I weren’t doing this, I’d …

… be a fighter pilot. We’ve all got a little Maverick in us.

What I Do When I’m Not at Work

Travel, take my pets (dog and pot-bellied pig) on walks in the park, enjoy the great restaurants DC has to offer

(Photograph by Ryan Donnell)

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