Having Trouble Planning a Vacation? Use This Tool

The U.S. Travel Association has created an interactive PTO-planning tool in honor of Tuesday’s National Plan for Vacation Day. The group says hundreds of millions of vacation days are left on the table yearly.

Too often, workers don’t take the necessary time off—and part of the challenge is that doing so requires planning.

For years, the U.S. Travel Association has been building messaging around the first issue, which it says left an estimated 768 million vacation days on the table in 2018. As part of that campaign, the organization has put together an annual event, National Plan for Vacation Day, on the last Tuesday of January since 2017.

To help people along for this year’s event, U.S. Travel developed an interactive vacation-planning tool to make it easier for people to figure out the best time to get a load off and get away. The tool, which is embeddable, is located below.

On top of that, the association offers a full toolkit for those looking to promote vacation time, with a fact sheet, talking points, and tips for social media.

In a news release, U.S. Travel President and CEO Roger Dow emphasized that he practices what he preaches—and doesn’t give staff members a hard time if he sees an out-of-office message.

“Time off is essential to a healthy work environment because it gives us a chance to recharge and reconnect with family and friends, as well as see more of our beautiful, diverse country,” Dow said. “Workers who take the time to plan ahead bring more and better energy to the workplace.”

The average American took 17.4 days off in 2018, slightly above 2017’s rate of 17.2 days but well below the 20.3-day average that was common between 1978 and 2000, according to the association [PDF].

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