Daily Buzz: Member Churn Takeaways From Streaming Services

New research finds that many people drop streaming services because they aren’t using them enough to make it worthwhile. The parallels for membership are pretty clear. Also: How to work with a visionary leader.

Sometimes, for-profit streaming services have a tendency of highlighting emerging consumer behaviors about subscription services—behaviors that membership pros might want to keep a pulse on.

And the latest doesn’t offer a whole lot of positive news. According to the data-tracking service Nielsen, around 42 percent of subscribers to paid video subscription services said they cancelled because they weren’t making enough use of the service to be worth the cost.

Other reasons for cancelling included switching to a free service (22 percent), watching all the available content of interest (20 percent), and switching to a paid competitor (19 percent).

“The reasoning makes sense,” Michael Grothaus of Fast Company writes. “After all, there are dozens of services and media competing for our valuable eyeball time–why keep paying for a service that doesn’t attract our attention enough?”

With the rise of membership and subscription services literally everywhere, it’s easy to see the potential that a membership association might find itself courting the same kinds of reasons for churn.

Make sure your offering is so engaging that sticking with your organization is the easy choice.

Working With a Visionary Leader

Do you work with leaders who don’t care about the details? They focus on the big picture while you actually have to carry out their ideas. If you feel abandoned by leadership during the implementation process, there are creative ways to get their support, says Liz Kislik in Harvard Business Review.

“By consistently showing support for their ideas, sharing only as much detail as they can comfortably digest, and presenting both questions and results in stages, you can help them tolerate more discussion or debate earlier in the process,” Kislik says.

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