Daily Buzz: Attracting Young Members

Offering career opportunities to young professionals could bring them to your association. Also: What your board can do when times are tough.

Looking to increase your association’s member base? Focus on young professionals, as most members join an organization as a student or early in their career, says Kalia Pimentel on the Your Membership blog.

“According to the Community Brands Member Engagement and Loyalty Study report, about one-third of members join a professional organization before employment, and more than 41 percent join in the first five years of employment,” she says.

There are several practical ways to recruit young members. An online intern board can bring young job seekers to your organization.

“Offer members an intern board that allows members who are students and new grads to easily search and apply for relevant internships online,” Pimentel says.

An online career center can also recruit and retain members who are in the early stages of their professional careers.

“It’s important to optimize your job board for visibility and access to non-members—in effect, using the job board to drive membership and increase revenue. One highly effective way to achieve this is by integrating your job board with your association management software,” Pimentel says.

Organizations that can help people take the next step in their careers will also attract young members.

“Offer those members moving into their early careers a mentor board. It’s a way for them to connect with a mentor to help them grow professionally,” Pimentel says.

How Your Board Can Lead in Times of Crisis

Is your association facing difficult times? Board members need to take action, argues Tom Iselin on the Bloomerang blog.

“This is the time for effective nonprofit board leadership. Your board should set aside busy schedules and egos to become the most active, selfless, and engaged it’s ever been,” he says.

One way your board can show leadership is to keep the community informed.

“People who support your mission want to know what’s happening at the organization during these trying times,” Iselin says. “Create talking points and FAQs for board members to share in the community and on social media. Work with staff to write super short and regular updates about what’s happening with staff, programs, beneficiaries, operations, and events.”

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