Daily Buzz: Pick Your Audience’s Brains With Neuromarketing

This marketing strategy is meant to help organizations find out what best motivates others to take action. Also: how to implement video on your website.

With over a million nonprofit organizations in the U.S., it’s not easy for any one organization to get attention. For a unique approach, try neuromarketing, suggests Frank Hamilton on Nonprofit Hub.

Neuromarketing is based on insights from psychology and neuroscience, and it helps organizations get to know their audience and what motivates them to take action.  “Thanks to neuromarketing, organizations can promote their brands based on the way their target audiences’ brains work,” Hamilton says. “Thanks to technologies like EEG and fMRI, scientists learn more about the features of our perception, and nonprofits can use this information to come up with the most effective marketing tactics.”

Hamilton says neuromarketing uses “hot triggers” to compel your audience to take action. A key factor is making the appeal personal.

“Make your audience feel an emotional connection with the goals of your organization. Your audience should also understand their impact on the cause and the value of their contribution,” Hamilton says.

Messages should be donor-focused. “Instead of focusing on what your organization has managed to achieve, explore the ways each donor contributes to achieving the common goals. Therefore, you should make sure your copy meets these objectives,” Hamilton says.

Optimize Your Website With Video

Video is a powerful tool for engaging audiences. If you’re looking to include more video on your organization’s website, there are plenty of ways to do it.

“Asset conversion strategies are particularly useful for websites, where the low-hanging fruit opportunities are obvious—adding an explainer, brand, or welcome video to the home page, upgrading About pages with corporate culture content, and optimizing product pages with demo clips, etc.,” says Keith Harrington, founder of video marketing agency ReelSmart Productions, on the Content Marketing Institute blog. “Such transformations have been shown to decrease bounce rates, increase session time, boost page views, and lift conversions.”

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