Talking Tech: Accelerate Content Management With AI

Artificial intelligence can help automate routine content management tasks, such as tagging in a taxonomy structure. Sean Breen, CEO at agencyQ, Inc., explains how the technology can go to work for your content team.

How can AI advance routine content management practices? Creating an AI-driven, closed-loop system between a content management system and your front-end digital properties—websites, social channels, email marketing, and mobile apps—can help optimize content to match individual users’ interests.

Combined with customer journey mapping, an AI-powered CMS can also deliver the right content or signal to a content manager when to act. And with natural language processing and machine learning technologies in place, the CMS can begin to process and learn from the archive, identifying and matching specific types of articles automatically.

Does this help streamline content tagging? Yes. It used to be that content teams had to manually tag content for different interest areas according to a rigid taxonomy structure. Using recent advances in machine learning, it’s now possible for an AI-powered CMS to automatically index and catalog content to an array of keyword phrases. That means your taxonomy will be much more dynamic and reflective of your content ecosystem.

Will AI replace content production processes? I don’t think AI will completely replace all content production processes, but I do think it will help associations create smarter systems, including deep-level tagging that can be vetted by a content manager. Remember that AI has the human-like ability to classify content quickly. Coupled with your CMS, it can match member personas to specific content types or formats for enhanced personalization. All of this adds up to greater member value, plus efficiency and speed for your content team.

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