Daily Buzz: Get the Attention of Potential Members With These Phrases

Every word counts when it comes to marketing your association to potential members. Also: Balance video calls with other forms of communication to avoid Zoom fatigue.

When it comes to attracting new members, it’s important to think about how you’re framing your communications.

“Words matter. If you’ve ever done any kind of marketing, you know that,” says MemberClicks’ Callie Walker. “Certain phrases just compel you to make a purchase.”

When recruiting potential members, there are a few phrases you can use to get their attention. Instead of plainly saying “join now,” get specific with the number of members you already have. For example: “Join 300 other local businesses.”

“What this shows is that other people are taking advantage of your organization’s membership. And no one wants to be left out!” Walker says. “Plus, by listing your organization’s size, it gives your association or chamber credibility.”

It can also help to highlight what professionals would save if they joined your association. Simply saying “save $250 on [XYZ]” might grab their attention.

“We all want to save something,” Walker says. “If you can include what people will save in your organization’s communications (on your website, in emails, etc.), you can likely boost their interest in joining.”

Use phrases such as “at your fingertips” to reassure potential members that whenever they need something, it’s available.

“It implies ease,” Walker says. “It goes hand in hand with saving them time and reducing stress. Re-emphasize that by letting them know the resources you offer are available 24/7.”

Try Alternatives to Videoconferencing

Many workers are feeling Zoom fatigue thanks to the transition to remote work. To combat this, don’t default to video calls for every situation. For quick status updates or daily check-ins, opt for asynchronous conversations instead.

“Prezi CEO Peter Arvai says un-synced meetings can save time by cutting the number and length of video sessions in your day, which also reduces chances of burnout,” says Diana Shi in Fast Company.

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