Daily Buzz: How Couples Are Working From Home Together

A recent survey shows what the transition to remote work has been like for partners sharing a home. Also: setting up a system to inventory your data.

Millions of professionals have been forced into a work-from-home setup, which is a challenge in and of itself. But how are remote workers managing when they share a space with a significant other? SimplyHired, an employment company, surveyed 510 employed people with live-in partners to find out.

“Our findings explore the ease of transition from working away from home to working at home, how couples are faring, and whether romance can survive working remotely in tandem,” says SimplyHired.

According to the study, the transition to a remote-work lifestyle presented challenges for most respondents, especially for couples. “People who went through the transition together may have experienced more tension because boundaries had to be discovered simultaneously, akin to the building a boat while navigating rough waters trope,” SimplyHired says.

Those who did build those boundaries said it had a positive impact. The survey shows that 52.4 percent of participants with live-in partners instituted rules to help them work remotely together, and nearly two-fifths reported increased productivity as a result. The most common boundaries had to do with communicating schedules, wearing headphones when in meetings, and moving to other areas when taking calls.

“To weather the pandemic, couples may have to set and respect each other’s boundaries. For example, if your partner’s habit of blaring music makes it difficult to hear yourself think, try letting them know you’d prefer they wear headphones,” SimplyHired says.

Organizing Your Mess of Data

Do you have an organized system for your sensitive information? For the sake of compliance, you need to know exactly where to locate all your data.

“To do this effectively, you need to automatically discover, map, track, and aggregate sensitive data and its flow,” says Itzhak Assaraf on CMSWire. “By monitoring and analyzing traffic constantly, you can determine how sensitive data is processed, to build a complete picture of how your data is stored, processed, and shared in real time.”

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