Daily Buzz: How to Run an Efficient Virtual Board Meeting

Keep meetings focused to avoid wasting board members’ time. Also: What associations can do to grow their membership during the pandemic.

These days, you’re likely feeling Zoom fatigue—and your board members are in the same boat. That is why efficiency is imperative in a virtual board meeting.

“A meeting that has no direction can be unproductive and annoying—especially when the meeting is after hours for your ‘volunteer” job,’ says a recent post on the YourMembership blog.

A meeting agenda will keep you from wasting time. Match the length of the agenda to the length of your meeting so that you can address everything important without going over the allotted time.

“With virtual meetings, you might consider a few less agenda items as online meetings typically require repetition and clarification. The agenda should be focused on topics that support your organization’s strategic goals,” says the YourMembership team.

You can avoid the number of people who need clarification by sending out materials in advance of the meeting, such as the agenda, minutes from previous meetings, financial statements, membership reports, and staff reports. Do this at least five days ahead of the meeting.

“Good board members know their responsibilities and will read what you send them. Assume board members did their homework and reviewed the updates.”

While the agenda should be focused, allowing for a brief period of personal time to connect with board members can be helpful.

“Taking time to recognize how everyone is navigating through the changing times will provide your board with support and help build community.”

Grow Your Membership After the Pandemic

Now is the time to show potential members what your association can do during times of uncertainty. Moery Company’s JP Moery tells the story of a trade association that produced content showing what it’s done to make a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The result? Many new members [came] on board during the pandemic and economic crisis. Why? Because they are seeing the demonstration of what your association can provide to them in good times, bad times, and the worst of times,” Moery says.

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