Daily Buzz: How to Get New Members Comfortable

Show members they belong by helping them connect to your organization and its community. Also: Ways you can improve your work-from-home setup.

First impressions count for associations, too. Make sure your first interactions with new members are memorable and positive.

“Your new members will begin forming their opinion about the value of your association the minute they hit the ‘join’ button on your member form, so the way you welcome them is critically important,” says YourMembership’s Tirrah Switzer.

As you welcome members, remember to thank them for joining your organization. At the very least, Switzer says, be sure to provide a “thank you” confirmation page and auto-email once they sign up online.

Beyond that, associations can get creative with member praise; a welcome gift with useful resources or materials could start the relationship on the right foot. For a more personal message, have welcome messages come from fellow members instead of an association staff member.

“Have a member of the membership committee or board of directors reach out to say thanks and see how they can help provide resources, knowledge or ideas,” Switzer says.

Making members comfortable is also essential. As soon as they join your organization, direct them to online resources like an event calendar, career center, and online community. You can help new members more easily connect with that online community by assigning each new member a buddy who helps them get to know the organization and its people.

“These may seem like simple gestures, but people can decide if they’re going to participate in your organization long-term within the first days, and even minutes, of joining your association,” Switzer says.

Spice Up Your Remote Work Routine

You might be tired of your remote work regimen, but there are ways to take advantage of your home environment to shake up the daily routine. At home, you have a chance to customize and redesign your workspace in a way that you probably can’t in your office.

“You can use common objects around the house, such as a small pillow for lumbar support, to improve your setup,” says Jill Duffy on PC Mag. “At home, you can also add candles or aromatic diffusers, which aren’t usually welcomed in a shared office environment. Bring in a few potted plants to boost your mood and clean the air.”

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