Coronavirus Response: 100 Million Masks

With PPE in short supply for healthcare workers on the front lines, AHA launched a nationwide campaign to rapidly produce surgical masks and face shields for them. Their goal: 100 million masks.

Coronavirus Response • American Hospital Association

The coronavirus pandemic led to an alarming shortage in personal protective equipment for healthcare workers on the front lines treating patients. In response, the American Hospital Association led a nationwide campaign to rapidly produce surgical masks and face shields for healthcare workers treating patients during the crisis. Their goal: 100 million masks—and more.

The 100 Million Masks Challenge provided manufacturers, community businesses, and individuals an opportunity to support their local hospitals by dramatically increasing production of the vital protective gear. “I don’t think hospitals have typically reached out to manufacturers to try to solve a problem that the whole community is facing before. That’s part of the reason we’re so inspired,” says Priya Bathija, vice president of AHA’s The Value Initiative, which focuses on affordable healthcare. “People are coming together to support our healthcare workforce, our healthcare heroes.”

The challenge gathered significant momentum across the country in a short time, thanks to the joint work of an unlikely coalition. “Even in this time, where everyone is feeling anxious and everyone is feeling scared and worried, we can all come together and support those who are on the front lines, who have to go in every day,” she says. “That, to me, is very gratifying.”


Lisa Boylan

By Lisa Boylan

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