Consumer Protection: Reviews You Can Trust

In an economy where many buying decisions are swayed by online reviews, the Review Society is working with regulators and developing tools to help consumers identify the ones they can trust.

Consumer Protection • The Review Society

Every day, thousands of phony reviews are posted online to increase sales or tear down competitors.

The Review Society is working hard to squash the effects that fraudulent online reviews have on buying behavior. Its members are leading the charge to give consumers tools to sniff out fake reviews, and the group is working with the Federal Trade Commission to create commonsense regulations governing online reviews. The goal is to instill confidence in what The Review Society has dubbed the “Review Economy.”

“Millennials are twice as likely to rely on reviews as other generations, and as they become the dominant generation in our society, online reviews will become an even more potent factor in our overall economy,” says Executive Director Ben Martin, CAE. “The Review Society aspires to create an environment in which consumers have complete confidence in reviews.”

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Samantha Whitehorne

By Samantha Whitehorne

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