Membership Pro Tip: Member of the Month

Showcasing member achievements boosts engagement and promotes the benefits of an association’s certification program.

Members work hard to earn the prestigious certifications their associations offer. Why not help them celebrate?

The Energy Management Association offers an Energy Management Professional certification. EMA created an EMP Spotlight series on its website to highlight members who have earned the certification and to recognize their commitment to energy efficiency.

It is a way to engage members and promote the EMP program, which has unique value because it is accredited by both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Better Buildings Program, says Sam Schwarz, EMA’s member engagement and marketing manager.

How does it work?

EMA’s membership team created a Member of the Month template to keep the spotlight profiles looking professional and consistent. Each spotlight features a photo of the member and several details, including their years of experience and contributions to the field. The template includes the EMP certification logo and the ANSI and DOE Better Buildings Program logos. “We really wanted to make sure that everyone sees that this is a really great program that has high-level recognition,” Schwarz says.

Why is it effective?

EMA is a relatively new organization, so it is still building a culture of belonging and engagement. It is important, especially during the pandemic, for people to see that members have stayed involved with EMA and are still getting certified, Schwarz says.

EMA promotes the Member of the Month in its monthly newsletter to 34,000 industry professionals and on its social media platforms. LinkedIn is the most popular among its members, and the posts generate a lot of responses, attracting new followers and prospective new members.

What’s the benefit?

The program creates a feeling of belonging among EMA’s individual members. Its member companies like the program, too, and share the Member of the Month profiles on their websites and social media platforms.

The goal is to recognize members and promote the certification program, and “that’s exactly what it’s been doing,” Schwarz says.

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