Membership Pro Tip: Use FOMO to Spur Renewals

Telling lapsed members what they’ll be missing in the short term is an effective tactic to encourage them to renew their membership.  

Looking for a way to get back lapsed members? A simple strategy could be just the ticket. Hint: timing—and a great value proposition—are everything.

How Does It Work?

The American Bus Association’s members-only tradeshow was right around the corner, so ABA’S Senior Director of Membership Lia Zegeye sent out an email to lapsed members a week before the event reminding them that their membership had not been renewed. Instead of sending out a long list of benefits, Zegeye kept it simple with a short message about the upcoming event and a reminder to renew so they wouldn’t miss it.

Why Is It Effective?

“I got the best response,” she said. “You get the best response when you plan your outreach closer to a members-only event.” And it doesn’t have to be a large conference, it can be a webinar or any other type of event. “Just be a lot more strategic,” she said.

It’s all about timing too. The show was happening a week after the reminder email went out. “It’s really a call to action,” Zegeye said. But you need to have a great value proposition for members to renew. “You have a greater responsibility now more than ever to justify membership,” she said.

What’s the Benefit?

It gives members peace of mind. They’re coming to the conference knowing they are paid up and good to go. For associations, it’s an efficient way to increase retention. “You have to create a sense of urgency in conjunction with a member benefit that actually matters for that specific membership category,” she said. “That’s how you can get the most efficient touch.”

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Lisa Boylan

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