Associations Now Staff

Associations Step Up for Safety Needs

Safer window washing; a system for tracking firefighter exposures; infrastructure that nearly eliminates highway deaths; lifesaving rail technology; protection for recycling and refuse workers. Zero Fatalities From Falls Safety • International Window Cleaning Association While most people would probably find scaling the exterior of a skyscraper terrifying, it’s all in a day’s work for members […]

The Role Associations Play in Civic Engagement

Combating misinformation in the 2020 elections; information professionals as reliable storytellers; promoting the importance of voter turnout. Election 2020’s Reliable Source Civic Engagement • National Association of Secretaries of State Combating misinformation in the 2020 elections is the goal of the National Association of Secretaries of State’s #TrustedInfo2020 campaign, which encourages the public to reach […]

The Associations Supporting the Broader Workforce

Paying early childhood educators what they’re worth; reduced hazing, harassment, and bullying at construction sites; more women in production music; increased diversity on news staffs. Higher Pay for Early Childhood Educators Workforce • National Head Start Association The National Head Start Association aligned with more than a dozen stakeholders this year to increase compensation for […]

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