Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Action May 10, 2022
Many organizations have declared a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, but what turns commitment into real change? From racial justice to disability access, associations are accelerating their DEI work by providing focused leadership, building engagement, measuring progress, and demanding accountability.
Sustain Your Focus on DEI
Public statements from an association supporting social justice mean little if it doesn’t have its own house in order. Successful groups maintain their attention on DEI internally—and think carefully before speaking out.
The CEO’s Role in DEI Success
Successfully advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in an association is impossible without strong support from the CEO. That kind of leadership takes ongoing commitment, tenacity, and an eye on the future of the community the organization serves.
Engage Employees to Embed DEI Across Your Association
When organizations roll out initiatives aimed at addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion, the entire team needs to be on board for the programs to bring real change. To get buy-in and commitment from staff, include them in all elements of the work.
Managing Member Pushback to DEI Initiatives
You’ve got a great DEI strategy—all you need to do is put it in place and it’s smooth sailing all the way, right? Not so fast. Here’s what to do if you encounter pushback from members.
How Metrics Can Improve the Quality of Your DEI Initiatives
When it comes to making strides with diversity, equity, and inclusion, it’s crucial to take stock and measure your gains—or lack thereof. To collect the right data, match what you’re measuring to your strategic goals and be sure to include qualitative input.
Assess Your DEI Maturity to Determine What’s Next
Associations looking to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion at their organizations often wonder where they stand and where to go next. This is where assessing your DEI maturity can come in handy. Experts offer some tips on figuring out where you’re at so you can get where you want to go.
Taking Charge of Who’s in Charge
DEI is everyone’s job, but it’s the responsibility of particular persons. Successful associations establish leadership roles, both individually and within committees, to ensure the work gets done.
Sustained DEI Efforts Take All Hands on Deck
They say that advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion is a journey. Once you get started, you need to keep going. Two association leaders with long-term DEI programs share what it takes to stay the course.
Accessibility Is an Opportunity, Not an Obstacle
Disability access is a civil right and a human right but talking about it can sometimes be uncomfortable, which stalls progress. Taking small steps to achieve accessibility makes the process less overwhelming and ultimately more achievable.
The Many Dimensions of DEI
Diversity, equity, and inclusion encompasses many layers that are sometimes overlooked. A clear understanding of those nuances and distinctions is key to implementing a DEI plan that’s greater than the sum of its parts and ensures everyone feels they belong.
All Things Being Equitable
Ensuring that all members have equal opportunities within the profession can be an association’s biggest challenge. The solution: Start before they even become members.