Social Media Roundup: Archive Your Twitter History

Social Media Roundup: Archive Your Twitter History

Is a backup mechanism finally coming to Twitter? Also: Just how far one couple’s social media obsession goes.

In a perfect world, tweets would be archived, all social media platforms would come with their own Siri-like guide, and you would never have to ask (or explain the answer to) the question: What’s the ROI on social media? At least one of these wishes is in the process of being granted.

That and more in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Back that Tweet Up

One for the records:  It might finally be true: Twitter CEO promises that users will be able to download their entire archive of tweets by 2013. No more hurriedly favoriting tweets and snapping screenshots after an event because of that 10-day rule? All in favor, say aye. How will you use the Twitter archive feature?  (ht @YourMembership)

Oh, Baby …

Baby tweets: Think your association is getting a little too social media obsessed? One couple (most likely) has it beat. Yesterday, a baby was born, with an unusual name. Hashtag. More bizarre? It’s not the first baby named after social media: According to Yahoo, last year a man named his firstborn daughter Facebook. (ht @MemberClicks)

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