Best Room Service Perks for the Money? Take it to Denver

According to a recent study from TripAdvisor, hotels in the Mile-High City offer the best room service value for the buck. But don't count out other locales for decent deals.

Peanuts are pretty much the same everywhere, but if you’re traveling and want them for cheap, go to NYC.

That’s according to a new study from the travel-planning site TripAdvisor, analyzing the amenities of the hotels in major cities across the country and around world. More details below:

Room service review: The company’s TripIndex Room Service compares the prices of a number of room service basics at four-star hotels, including soda, water, vodka, peanuts, sandwiches, and dry cleaning. The study analyzed 60 locations globally, including 15 in the United States. “While travelers are well aware of the wide range in prices for accommodations, they may be surprised to know that in-room amenity charges can also vary significantly from city to city,” noted TripAdvisor’s director of communications, Brooke Ferenscik, in a news release.

For the price-conscious: The best options if you’re looking to save money? Denver, where you can get all the listed items for $40.46. (Dallas, at $42.49, is right behind.) And if you’re traveling internationally, consider Cape Town, South Africa, which, at $19.74, is far cheaper than any other city in the world on the room service front.

Where it’ll cost ya: The three costliest cities in the United States? Honolulu, taking the top spot at $64.90 due to an extremely expensive sandwich; Las Vegas, directly behind at $64.42; and Atlanta, at $58.14. If you’re heading to Europe, there’s a good chance that room service in the city you’re hitting is pretty pricey: Seven of the 10 costliest destinations on the list are European, with Moscow taking the cake at a whopping $83.09.

Pressure points: Beyond NYC’s relatively cheap peanuts, which went for $5.65, other high and low points include a club sandwich in Honolulu ($23.65); a bottle of vodka in Las Vegas ($19.33); and dry cleaning in the Big Apple ($11.58). And good luck getting a can of Coke for less than $3 almost anywhere: Only Seattle managed that feat, according to the study. Looking internationally, you may want to skip the sandwich if you’re going to Zurich, Switzerland—it’ll cost you $29.19. Instead, make your way to Sofia, Bulgaria, where the same sandwich is just $5.52.

Holding your next event in any of these cities? Tell us how you keep room service costs down.

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