Lunchtime Links: Make Your Audience Tumbl for You

One organization's Tumblr success story. Also: An animated GIF that tells you everything you need to know about disruption.

Tumblr may not get the level of press that Twitter or Facebook do, but perhaps it’s time to reconsider its role in your social war chest.

It has a lot going for it—including a format designed for decentralized sharing, a model that’s pinpointed on a younger audience, and a still-budding mobile platform.

Curious? More on Tumblr, and other cool stuff, in today’s Lunchtime Links:

Keep an eye on Tumblr: Thinking of making a move to Tumblr for member outreach? It may be getting close to the time when Tumblr is a place you need to be to stay relevant. (It’s big on mobile, too, and is planning to launch an advertising network there in the coming months.) Need a good example of an organization doing it right? Check out the U.S. National Archives’ popular Tumblr, Today’s Document, which built a large audience on the service through engaging content posted relatively infrequently using short text blurbs. During DC’s Social Media Week, Darren Cole, who runs the site, explained how it pulled it off. Have you taken Tumblr for a test-drive lately?


An animated GIF that says it all: Thanks to SocialFish’s Maddie Grant for finding this animated GIF that basically nails the speed at which an industry can change—in this case, the music industry. Instead of thinking in terms of CDs and vinyl, think in terms of the things important to you.

Try a crowdfunding approach: Looking to get volunteers moving with your nonprofit? Crowdfunding might be a good answer, writes Susan J. Ellis on the Energize Inc. blog. Its benefit can go beyond helping individual members. “Crowdfunding might help individual volunteers to underwrite travel or other expenses necessary to support their service,” she explains, “but consider its potential in raising seed money for a new initiative your organization would like to test, particularly through volunteer efforts.” Want to try a new experiment that needs a little seed money to succeed? This might be just the way to get things moving.

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Ernie Smith

By Ernie Smith

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