Social Media Roundup: The Secret to Reading Spreadsheets

Social Media Roundup: The Secret to Reading Spreadsheets

Lose your fear of spreadsheets by speaking Excel's language. Also: how to use LinkedIn to better promote your events.

Spreadsheets are no one’s first language. Data is arranged on the page in odd configurations, and it’s Greek to many people. But once you learn some basic spreadsheet conversation skills, the results can be great.

Excel tips and tricks, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:


Do spreadsheets make your vision blur? You’re not the only one. They’re difficult to read, but once you get the speak, they’re a lot easier on the eyes. Take it from Ann Emery, an Excel nerd, who knows some secrets to becoming an expert in the spreadsheet program. From calculating statistics, cleaning up data, and building graphs, the tricks are endless, especially for translating data into valuable content. What kind of techniques do you use to dig into the data? (ht @NathanVictoria)

LinkedIn Event Planning

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, why not make use of it for your events? The social media network has more than 200 million members, and you can connect with them in any number of ways. Sue Pelletier offers five ways to use LinkedIn to promote your next event. “There are plenty of paths you could follow when promoting your event on LinkedIn. You could choose to walk down them all, or be selective,” Pelletier explains on “It will depend on how many people you want to invite and who your target audience is.” (ht @etouches)

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