Social Media Roundup: Exhibit Hall Staffing Tips

A recent study shows expo attendees value opportunities to get on-the-spot information. Also: Can visual data be the next attraction at your event? How one Dutch artist is transforming data into art installations.

Event attendees trolling the tradeshow floor are looking for solutions to their business challenges, and research says what they really want is face-to-face interaction with quick answers to their questions. Are your exhibitors ready to provide them?

Tips for exhibit booth staffing, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Interaction is Key

Who should be in the exhibit booth? The Center for Exhibition Research (CEIR) found that attendees value on-the-spot attention. Who needs to provide it? Easy: your exhibitors’ booth staff. More thoughts on the matter from CEIR: “Exhibitors tend to have sales and marketing staff in the booth, and perhaps executive management. It is less frequent that technical roles are represented. Are exhibitors missing a major opportunity to connect with attendees by excluding technical staff? Are they missing important market feedback that can result in product enhancements or new products?” (ht @lizmazei)

Super-sized Visual Data

Want to show off art made out of data at your next conference? Dutch artist Willem Besselink might be the guy to talk to if the idea sounds appealing, as he conceptualizes data and transforms it into three-dimensional displays. Each installation represents a new set of data guidelines, but Besselink says explanation of the data behind the piece isn’t needed for the viewer to appreciate the art. “It should not be necessary to present those with the work, but it might make the art itself more interesting,” the artist told Fast Company. (ht @Convene)

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Anita Ferrer

By Anita Ferrer

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