Lunchtime Links: TweetChat Goes With SmartStream’s Flow

Why the TweetChat acquisition could be beneficial for chat moderators. Also: Create a space for your members to engage with your association and each other.

Do you moderate or participate in TweetChats on a regular basis? Then listen up: SmartStream is ready to take the tool’s features to the next level.

What’s next for TweetChat, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links:

Life after TweetChat: The bad news? The long-popular, real-time chat tool TweetChat has been acquired and will be gone come June 10. But don’t fret, the concept is far from dead. The company that acquired TweetChat has plans to grow the service beyond what the founder could. SmartStream, a free service developed by oneQube, will be taking its place. “There have always been requests to take the concept to the next level, and I am excited for the role oneQube’s SmartStream will play in filling this gap,” oneQube’s blog quotes TweetChat founder Brooks Bennett as saying. The beta version of SmartStream was released weeks ago and, according to Business2Community, the service has some useful features for moderators, such as chat transcriptions.

Give your members their own space: Developing a private online membership community can be a huge project. But with the right strategy, it can improve your members’ experience. According to Online Community Software Company Socious, a private online membership community can promote engagement, create value, and generate revenue for an association. How could a private online membership community benefit your association’s members?

‘C.P.R’ for your association: If your association has been drowning in a sea of failed or pointless strategies, it could be time for some “C.P.R.,” Metal Treating Institute CEO Tom Morrison says. According to Morrison, his strategy for improvement—charisma, passion, and relevance—can revive both your members and staff. On the subject of involving passion in your projects, he writes, “As these members see the level of emotion growing in the association, they see great things taking place, they see transformation in the industry, and they connect the dots of that transformation to better performance within their company or profession.”

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