Social Media Roundup: Boost Your Summer Workflow

In the summer, it's easy to sit at your desk and daydream about relaxing on the beach. Stay productive with a simple tip or two. Also: Your association might benefit from revisiting its roots.

You might be craving some fun in the sun, but remember: Work first, play later.

Learn how to stay focused at the office, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup.

Work Hard, Play Harder

During the summer, staying productive at work can be difficult. With vacations, events, and other exciting adventures to look forward to, summer is the time of year when many employees find themselves getting restless at work. One tip to beat the restlessness and stay focused is to plan your play. What does that mean? “If you plan to leave work a few hours early one day, then stay later the day before. If you want to take a longer lunch to meet a friend who is in town—arrive earlier to work that morning,” writes Jacquelyn Smith for Forbes. Once you’ve planned time for play, you can work hard and play harder. (ht @socialtables)

Before And After

For your association’s future success, look to its past. Before social media, press releases, websites, and manuals, associations served one purpose: Bringing people together. “Before there was any of this that we now associate with an association, there was something much simpler, much truer, and much more important: There were people who shared a common interest and cared about connecting with like-minded people,” writes Idea Architects’ Jeffrey Cufaude. The success of an association can be evaluated and cultivated by revisiting its initial purpose and the reasons it exists. Once the past is embraced, associations can move forward toward new success. (ht @kikilitalien)

Has your association revisited its past lately? Share your thoughts in the comments.



Jasmine McGee

By Jasmine McGee

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