Social Media Roundup: How to Memorize Someone’s Name

Remembering names of people you’re introduced to at meetings is good for business and may save you from embarrassment. Plus: Why your association may not be ready for a logo change.

There’s nothing worse than bumping into someone you met at a conference a few months ago and not being able to remember his or her name. This memory trick may help.

The details, and more, in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Remembering Names

Say my name, say my name: We’ve all been there. At a meeting, you’re introduced to dozens of people, you exchange business cards, and you promise to get in touch about this or that. Then, a few months later you run into one of the people you met, and your mind goes blank. You can’t remember his or her name. To make matters worse, you’re with a colleague and you’re expected to make introductions. Awkward. Incorporating a memory trick into your meeting routine can help you prevent this scenario. To help you memorize someone’s name, productivity site says to do this: “Try to get their name into the conversation at least once or twice while you’re talking to them, and then definitely conclude the conversation with their name as you’re saying goodbye or moving on to talk to someone else. That level of repetition will help you remember and make the other person feel acknowledged.” (ht @PhilGerb)

Logo Redesign

Not ready for change: Is your association considering a logo change? Marketing firm Bussolati says some of the reasons organizations redesign logos range from signaling a profound change to simply because a new CEO has authorized it. A logo itself, however, may not accomplish what you really want. Instead, Bussolati says you should first focus on building a strong, consistent content marketing strategy that delivers measurable ROI. Then revisit your logo. “A content strategy is not only a necessary start point for effective content marketing, it will also inform your new logo or visual brand development.” (ht @bussolati)

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