Social Media Roundup: Ban the Tradeshow Booth Bore

A few tips to help exhibitors working the tradeshow booth engage your attendees. Plus: Adding another dimension to your leadership strategy.

It’s no secret: The typical tradeshow day is often long and repetitive for the companies working the booths (not to mention the attendees). Vendors can get an exceptional experience—and create one for attendees—by shifting their focus. Learn a few tradeshow pointers in today’s Social Media Roundup:

Tips of the Trade

Booth basics: At tradeshows with hundreds of booths and an equal number of marketers trying to push a product or service, it’s no surprise that attendees can get a bit overwhelmed. Over on the Trade Show News Network, Bartizan President Lew Hoff shares a few tips for brands looking to create a more meaningful tradeshow experience. Instead of attempting to make a profit with each guest, Hoff suggests establishing new contacts, as guests want to feel they can participate in a conversation that doesn’t end with a sales pitch. In order for this to happen, booth staffers must be focused, energetic, and welcoming. (Perhaps that means leaving their phones behind.) By setting high expectations, vendors can get a little more than just a few blank stares. (ht @ungerboeck)

A New Dimension of Leadership?

At the ready: Sure, thinking about your next step is great, but what about something that could happen further off on the horizon? Whether its an unforeseen glitch, an accident, or a breakthrough moment, Wired 4 Leadership blogger Kerry Stackpole says, business leaders should play chess, not checkers, and have all of their bases covered. Stackpole, president of the Printing and Graphics Association MidAtlantic, has been working on a new strategy he calls “3D leadership,” which involves pondering the extremely unlikely in search of a breakthrough. “Like 3D printing and all its novelty, the notion of 3D leadership may produce some equally funny little prototypes,” he wrjtes. “And that’s exactly the point. Thinking about the wildly unlikely produces surprising breakthrough thinking.” Think he’s onto something? (ht @Wired4Ldrship)


Alexis Williams & Alexis Davis

By Alexis Williams & Alexis Davis

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