Wednesday Buzz: Give Your Guests the Gift of Tech

Is your event technology meeting your guests’ expectations? Make sure a few outlets are nearby. Also: how to make your event more shareable on social media.

Event planners want their conferences to be the talk of the town. These days, a stream of live tweets or a series of snapshots on Instagram can catapult an association from obscurity to fame in a split second.

To capitalize on this opportunity for publicity, Cvent’s Event Planning blog recommends that conference planners provide guests with a tech-friendly event location. At minimum, your venue should have a convenient cellphone charging station, a lush lounge, and reliable cell reception.

“Put yourself in the shoes of an attendee that has to get work done,” the company suggests. “Would this do? Thinking ahead and then working with venues to fill these needs will make many of your attendees happy in the long run.”

Let’s Give Them Something to Tweet About

If your association is struggling with social at events, Techsytalk contributor Kristi Casey Sanders says you’re missing an opportunity to head off complaints and reward intrigued attendees.

“Do you want people to share relevant, useful info? Then award prizes for the best educational tweets from the sessions. Do you want them to share visually interesting content? Tie awards to Instagram pictures that get the most likes.”

Read more of Sanders’ social event tips over this way. (ht @KristiCasey)

Other Good Reads

What enticing benefits draw your members in the most? SCD Group’s Steve Drake drops a baking metaphor: “If you pay attention to the aroma from your association bakery, your association will garner the sweet smell [of] success.”

No new friends: Small business adviser and contributor Marla Tabaka points out why leaders are looking for trouble if they become too close to their employees.

The rise of job-hopping executives, or what organizational behavior professor Gianpiero Petriglieri calls “Generation Flux,” can cause problems when a leader’s career aspirations and a company’s needs don’t match.

Beyond content, surveys, and email marketing, Greenfield Services’ Megan Rockett offers three more ways to become a master of member engagement on the Multiview blog.


Alexis Williams & Alexis Davis

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