Social Media Roundup: Don’t Strike the Wrong Chord

Problems can arise when you get a band to perform at your event. Also: more tips on ensuring good communication among your marketing and tech staffs.

Having a great band play a few songs for your audience is a good way to turn a networking event into something truly memorable. But bands have different needs than speakers do—and booking the wrong band for the wrong audience could spell trouble.

More thoughts on this in today’s Social Media Roundup:

A Band-Aid Won’t Fix This

A great band can get attendees talking … or it can tick them off when it’s clear you’re not really thinking about their needs.

And that’s just one potential pitfall. In a piece for BizBash, Rose Curiel breaks down the problems that can come with getting a musical act to play your conference. From the wrong venue to poor communication with the performers and their booking agencies, a lot can make this experience hit a sour note.

Short version: If you want to book a big name, do your research and give yourself plenty of time. And be sure to put them in the right venue. Sure, it matters if the room looks good, but the sound matters more.

“There are some really spectacular, beautiful spaces that just aren’t ideal for sound,” Empire Entertainment’s Adam Kahan tells the magazine. “Good production companies can work around that but it’s just not ideal.” (ht @HelloDMC)

Two Departments, Two Wavelengths

As we noted last week, marketing execs and tech execs aren’t always on the same page. Over at, AirPR Chief Strategy Officer Rebekah Iliff , writing from the marketing perspective, says there are ways to ensure the two groups understand one another. One key ingredient: an open-door policy.

“Make friends with an engineer, learn about what they do, and be big enough to invite constructive criticism,” Iliff suggests. “Before you know it, you’ll be exchanging ideas, innovating, and leading others by example.”

Oh, yeah, don’t be afraid to learn some of that tech stuff yourself. (ht @JessicaLevin)


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