Social Media Roundup: Ensure Your Event Sponsorships Make Sense

Why having an event sponsor as excited about your event as you are is so important. Also: One event pro breaks down the moment when an association was showing its age.

Anyone with a checkbook could sponsor an event of yours, but there’s more to event sponsorship than slapping a logo in a few places. That’s why it makes sense to consider whether a particular sponsor is a good fit for your event.

More thoughts on that in today’s Social Media Roundup:

If the Glove Fits …

Just because an event sponsorship works well once doesn’t mean it’ll be as effective the second time around.

For that reason, writes event strategist Holly Krenek, it’s important to find a sponsorship that’s the right fit for your event. That, of course, requires planning—and lots of it. That also means a creative collaboration.

“A sponsorship that would be an automatic win for both a brand and the event would be one that can use creative marketing materials provided by the event itself,” she explains at Event Manager Blog. “Sponsors who leverage resources given to them by the event are more likely going to be seen and heard before, during and after the event, than sponsors who fail to leverage those win-win marketing opportunities.”

In other words, by getting a sponsor that works well for a specific kind of event, you’re ensuring that everyone’s goals are met. (ht @vjmeetings)

When Gray Hairs Show

If you want to see photos of people with gray hair, be sure to click here. But don’t forget to read the smart insights that come with all the balding and graying people.

Partners in Association Management’s Vice President and Chief Information Officer Amy Bean Napier says association leaders made a realization at a recent conference that many of the 200-plus attendees were getting older and that it’s important to figure out new ways to attract younger members.

“While we’ve enjoyed 50-plus years of continued support from our current members, we can’t just assume these new owners will embrace the same principles of joining and supporting our association,” Bean Napier wrote.

Check out her blog post at Greenfield Services to learn more about the association’s strategies for recruiting new members. (ht @ASegar)


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