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Social Media Roundup: The Best TED Talks for Association Pros

There are countless TED and TEDX Talks to listen to, so separate the wheat from the chaff with this list of five great talks. Plus: Twitter turns the tables on Bill Cosby.

Looking at the list of available TED Talks can be intimidating. Which ones are worthwhile? Which ones can you skip? And which ones will give you insights you can take back to your association? In today’s Social Media Roundup, we’re highlighting some of the presentations most worth your time.

5 TED Talks to Watch Right Now

Last week we called your attention to valuable public-speaking advice from popular TED Talk presenter Simon Sinek. And if taking in Sinek’s wisdom left you hungry for more talks relevant to the association space, you’re in luck. CQ Roll Call has picked out five particularly interesting TED and TEDX presentations, and Sinek leads the list with his speech “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.”

The other presentations include

For the full list, go to CQ Roll Call‘s Connectivity blog. (ht @CQConnectivity)

When a Meme Backfires

“Go ahead. Meme me!” Bill Cosby’s account tweeted on Monday, directing followers to a meme generator where they could pair photos of Cosby with captions. That call to action ended in disaster for the comedian, as Twitter users took the opportunity to remind the world of the long history of sexual abuse accusations against one of America’s favorite TV dads.

At the end of the day, one piece of advice rings clear after the public relations snafu.

“Social media managers: Do not ask Twitter to chime in if your client has been embroiled in any sort of unresolved scandal,” SocialTimes editor Mona Zhang wrote.

Social media reflects public opinion, and if that opinion differs from how your association perceives itself, you’re leaving yourself open to disasters like Cosby’s or the New York Police Department’s failed #myNYPD hashtag, earlier this year. (ht @AdamHammer)

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