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Conference Circuit: Cardiology Association Looks Back on 2014

The American College of Cardiology recognizes the challenges and successes of cardiovascular science in 2014. Plus: The world’s largest Earth and space science meeting gives its attendees interdisciplinary learning opportunities.

As the year comes to a close, the American College of Cardiology is reflecting on all matters of the heart in 2014, with the 47th Annual New York Cardiovascular Symposium. From December 12 to 14, 2,000 cardiovascular experts from across the globe will gather in midtown Manhattan for an extensive discussion of the field’s trials and triumphs.

The symposium’s discussions are divided among these ups and downs, kicking off with “Coronary Artery Disease—Challenges in 2014.” Individual sessions examine issues such as “New Discoveries in Athero-thrombogenesis and Technologies” and “Trends and Challenges of Prevention.” Of course, there will also be plenty of recognition for the successes in cardiovascular innovation. Year in Review: Highlights of Progress in 2014 will feature sessions such as “Novelties on Genetics, Cell Regeneration and Molecular Signaling,” and “Novelties on Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies.”

The event wraps up with a look ahead during the final session, “The Next Big Things,” which will allow attendees to learn about developments in cardiology, including the Polypill for secondary prevention and advances in imaging and cognitive-function testing.

The Week Ahead:

December 15-19: As the largest Earth and space science gathering in the world, the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco is inherently bustling. But attendees will be able to find some common threads in the commotion by attending SWIRLS, which are meant to provide “an interdisciplinary walk through the AGU Fall Meeting by categorizing sessions and presentations as part of broader themes in the Earth and space sciences.”

December 15-19: At the Society of Military Orthopedic Surgeons’ 56th annual meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, civilian and military worlds will collide as moderators from both sides present sessions on topics ranging from trauma and military medicine to pediatrics.

Down the Line:

December 17-21: The American Volleyball Coaches Association’s annual convention, taking place in Oklahoma City, will give coaches the comprehensive tools they need to get ahead in coaching, with seminars on improved teaching techniques, executive leadership training, and playing on the sand versus on the court, among others. And, as a lesson in good conference planning, the event will take place at the same time and the same city as the 2014 NCAA Division 1 Women’s Volleyball Championship.


Julia Haskins

By Julia Haskins

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