Friday Buzz: Should You Build That Online Community?

Why market research is important to do before you dive too deep into building a private hub for your members. Also: the value of gamification at events.

Just because you create an online community doesn’t mean that community will fill itself. It may not even make sense for your membership.

That’s why you have to do a little market research ahead of time, and Socious’ Katie Bapple has a blueprint to help you get started.  “By taking the time to assess your target audience’s level of interest, you can determine whether an online community is the type of engagement platform your target audience is likely to participate in,” she writes.

Among her tips: Figure out who you’re trying to reach. Look at where those people are congregating, and then reach out to them. Talk to them about the benefits of a private online community, ask research questions that get to the heart of the matter, and be open and personable throughout the process.

“Set your platform up for success by pumping the [brakes] on your launch momentum and taking the time to assess your target market’s interest level,” she adds.

Get Your Game On

Speaking of engagement, if you’re trying to get your attendees to actually, y’know, converse with one another, a great way to do that is through gamification—especially when it’s driven by a mobile device or 50. Event Industry News has a nice breakdown of game-based app platforms you can launch at your own conferences.

Just one thing before you jump in with both feet: There’s a bit of a learning curve, the site’s Adam Parry admits. But once you get a handle on the platform, it becomes easier the second or third time around.

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